After Hairtransplant Information Form

1- Do not smoke for the first week or do not drink alcohol
2- Sleep for the first 3 nights with a double pillow (high). You can sleep in supine, right side and left side positions.
3- In the first 3 days, do not bend your head forward, do not lift a heavy object from the ground.
4- Avoid sexual intercourse for the first 1 week.
5- Do not exercise for the first 2 weeks, do not work hard, do not swim, pool, bath, sauna, solarium.
6- The first 1 month most of transplanted hairs will fall down, do not be uneasy,
   3 months will begin to grow hair, 6 months will be about 60%, the full result will be seen at the end of the 1st year.
7- Do not shave the machine in the first 3 months of the planting area, if you want to cut your hair,
   you can use scissors in the first 3 months. There is no problem in shaving the donor area.
8- Hair dryer can be applied after 3 months.
9- Use the antibiotic, painkiller and edema medicines given by your physician regularly as described.
10- Try not to consume salty, spicy, spicy dishes, especially for the first 4 days.
11- After the operation, apply cold regularly.
12- Protect the planting area for the first 2 weeks from heavy sunlight and rain.
    Do not use any products other than the recommended hat or use umbrella.
13- Do not handle your hair, until the first wash.
14- Your white bandage will be removed by your doctor at the first wash
    and your black bandage will be cut off by your neck 2 days after the first wash.

Enjoy your new hairs :)

Best Regards 
YILDIZ, Ferhad M.D.


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