Hair Transplant: Unshaven

Unshaved Hair Transplantation, hair transplantation of the hair in the area will be done without shaving.
This method is mostly used in patients with need for hair tightening, in patients with anterior line loss.

After the shaving of the hair from the donor area is shaved in the form of a line, the channels are opened to the unshaved transport area.
The process of washing, crusting and healing is the same as shaved.

What are the advantages?

Especially in female patients, it eliminates the time taken for the hair to reach its old length.
It enables the patients who are at the forefront in business life to return to their jobs in a short time, without changing their appearance.

What are the disadvantages?

Since the part of the roots will be shaved into the strips, the number of grafts (root) that can be taken is limited, the operation time is about 1 hour longer.


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