Need To Know

Q: Does the planted hair fall out?

A: No, because they are taken from the region that is not genetically programmed fall out, they do not drip much if they pass through a successful adhesion process

Q: Do you need hospitalization?

A: Patients with hair transplantation are discharged on the same day

Q: I come from different country, how many days can I return?

A: You can return after the first wash. The first wash can be done at least 24 hours after the operation. Our recommendation is to make the first wash in 36-48 hours

Q: Can I do the post-operation washes?

A: The first 10 washing operations are very important in terms of success. Easy to apply, can be done by the patient

Q: Is general anesthesia performed during the operation?

A: Hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia unless otherwise required. Sedation can be done according to the patient’s request.

Q: Is there pain and swelling after the operation?

A: If you follow the advice given by your doctor, you will not have complaints like pain or swelling

Q: When are the scabs remove?

A:After 10th washing (about 12 days after the operation)

Q: When can I return to my job?

A: If you have a job that does not require heavy effort (manager, office worker, driver, etc.) you can return after 3 days. If you work hard, you can start working after 2 weeks

Q: I smoke, should I quit?

A: 3 days before the operation if you stop smoking, if not, reduce the rate of oxygen in the blood will increase the success of the operation will increase

Q: I drink alcohol, how many days ago should I leave?

A: It is recommended that you leave the alcohol 3 days before the operation, Otherwise, alcohol will increase your bleeding during the operation and also prevent the full effect of the local anesthesia

Q: I have drugs that I use regularly, should I leave?

A: Some drugs are left at different times prior to the operation under the supervision of a specialist physician. The clear answer can only be given by your physician


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