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The success rate of the surgery after the hair transplant operation varies according to many factors. If we list them, we can talk about patient-related reasons and Doctor-Related reasons. Patient-related causes are genetic and external factors. Genetic factors are the coding in the genes that the patient inherited from their ancestors. This cannot be changed. External factors are stress, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet, drugs. They can be partially eliminated or corrected.At the beginning of the reasons related to the doctor in hair transplantation, The Doctor's abilities, experience and knowledge first. For a perfect before and after hair transplant Turkey photo and patient satisfaction, patient and doctor harmony is very important.The photographs you will see are magnificent examples of doctor and patient harmony.

After a successful hair transplant operation, the shedding of the crusts in the transplant area will occur within 12 days. You can return to your social life normally after the crusts fall. But these hairs are not permanent, most of them fall out in the first month. The transplanted hair starts to grow back in the 3rd month after the operation. In the 3rd month, the hair transplanted to the front hairline starts to grow. the 6th month, 50% of your transplanted hair will have grown. At the end of 12 months, you will literally see the result. Our Hair Transplant Turkey before after photos you have seen are created from pre-operation and 10-12 months post-operative photographs.

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