Hair Transplant Techniques

What is?

Hair Transplantation Techniques are the general name given to the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the donor area with the FUE, FUT technique into the channels opened with Sapphire, Slit, DHI methods. The hair transplant techniques may vary depending on the content of the surgery to be performed.

Hair Transplant Techniques, Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant

Only implanting area changes. Follicles taken with the FUE or FUT technique can be transplanted to the beard area, eyebrow area or any other area needed.

Does the doctor's ability matter?

Channels are opened according to the anatomical structure of the area to be planted. The channels should be opened more frequently and angled for the front line of the hair, and towards the direction of the hair growth at the top. The follicles taken from the patients who are planned to have beard transplantation should be selected according to the beard character. The channels of the beard area will be more horizontal and less frequent than the hair transplantation channels. The angle of the channels to be opened for eyebrow transplantation will vary according to the direction of eyebrow growth and the anatomical structure of the eye and face.

Sapphire, DHI, Slit or Needle, Which Hair Transplant Techniques One Best?

Surgical instruments used to open channels are various, Sapphire, slit, Choi Pen, Needle can be used. Today, the characteristics of the area where the hair transplant will be performed are considered in the selection of the instrument. the cutting-edge sapphire pen is currently the most common and preferred instrument.

The Role of Technicians in Hair Transplant

The channels are opened, the grafts taken with the FUE or FUT method are planted in the opened channels by the technicians with the help of forceps. At this stage, the experience of the technicians is important. This determines the rate of hair regrowth.

The frequency, direction and direction of the hair are determined by the doctor who opens the channels. In the DHI method, unlike these methods, the grafts taken from the donor area are placed directly into the instruments called Implanter Pen and transferred directly to the skin through the incision made by these instruments in the planting area.

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